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*All treatments are provided by fully Registered Professionals (2200 hours). Insurance Receipts can be provided for all Extended Health Care Plans. Prices do not include GST or gratuities. Massages come with essential oils and hot towels please let us know of any allergies.

Relaxation Massage

45 mins – $130 | 60 mins – $145 | 90 mins – $189

A deeply relaxing and incredibly hydrating massage is great after a stressful day. This massage reduces jet lag and increases better quality of sleep. Organic butter or coconut oil is used in this treatment.

Light to medium pressure is used.

Therapeutic Massage

45 mins – $130 | 60 mins – $145 | 90 mins – $189

This Swedish massage technique is tailored to specific needs. This massage helps with musculoskeletal or neurological pains, postural habits, and injury. This deeply healing massage includes an assessment if necessary.

Light to Deep pressure is used based on needs.

Sports Massage

45 mins – $130 | 60 mins – $145 | 90 mins – $189

This treatment aids in alleviating muscle tension and decreases recovery time between activities. This massage will leave you energized and invigorated.

Moderate to Deep pressure is used.

Deep Tissue Massage

45 mins – $159 | 60 mins – $209

This myofascial technique enhances muscle recovery and performance while decreasing joint stiffness. Great before or after any outdoor activity. Walk away feeling regenerated with increased circulation and improved posture.

Deep to very deep pressure is used.

Tension Tamer

45 Mins - $130 | 60 Mins - $145

This massage focuses on the head, neck and shoulders to reduce muscle tension from work, injuries and postural stresses. This massage should calm your headache and relax your mind.

Light to Deep pressure is used based on your needs.

Cupping Therapy

45 mins – $130 | 60 mins – $145

Reduce the visibility of cellulite with this aggressive technique. This massage is excellent for extreme myofascial adhesions and muscle tension. Walk away feeling light as air as the tension from your body lifts.

Deep pressure is used, and bruising occurs.

Wrinkles Away

45 mins – $159 | 60 mins – $209

Gua Sha technique produces an instant facelift that will visibly generate a glowing complexion. This massage calms facial muscles that may cause wrinkles to form. This treatment also helps with sinus congestion, lymph drainage, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and Bell’s palsy. A luxurious fast absorbing serum is used at the end of the treatment.

Limber Up

45 mins – $130 | 60 mins – $145 | 90 mins – $189

Relax and unwind within the flow of your breath as your body is lengthened from your head down to your toes. Acupressure and broad strokes are applied to warm up your tissues before each stretch. This technique ends with a deeply relaxing scalp massage. You will leave the room ready to make on the world!

Medium to Deep pressure is used based on your needs.

Hot Stone Massage

45 Mins - $159 | 60 Mins - $209

This massage incorporates heat from the basalt stones and soothing strokes to relax your body and restore your mind. Melt away your aches and pains. This treatment is great for arthritis and extreme muscle tension.

Light to Deep pressure is used based on your needs.

Happy Feet

45 mins – $135

A massage for sore and tired feet. Pamper yourself with this luxurious foot massage. Lavish moisture serums are applied with traditional eastern massage techniques.

Medium to Deep pressure is used.